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Form-fitting technology

Thanks to our innovative material, Ewolv earphones adapt themselves to the unique shape of your ears!

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Innovative earphones

Electroshapable materials are inside the tips and they soften when activated. Shape them to your ears in a reversible way! Easy plug-and-play activation, just press a button to start the process. For the first time it's not designers that decide the shape of your earphones to your ears. It's your ears that decide of Ewolv's shape!

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Ewolv fits every ear.

They are made of LOMA patented electroshapable materials. This means the tips can be electrically adapted to perfectly fit the auricle part of anyone's ear. Maximum comfort without in-ear pieces!

Ergonomics for everyone!

Since they adapt to your ears, they will never fall out. You can now enjoy sport and forget you are wearing them.
Feel a new freedom in your movement!
They provide the comfort your ears require in any situation. Sport, work, intense training, rest: they are adapted to every daily activity!

Professional sound

The speakers inside are balanced armature amplifiers. This world class miniaturized technology is spreading in high level communities in sound industries. From DJs to on-stage musicians, every specialist who has tested it plebiscites it. Unlike dynamic drivers, they do not displace air to generate sound. Discover the comfort of the most realistic sound.

Quiet in any conditions

Ewolv earphones are designed to discreetly accompany your routine. They embrace the exact shape of the ear with no hindrance. They provide the perfect passive isolation so you can peacefully enjoy any moment. Finally, the sound of music can truly overwhelm you...

What's in the box

Inside your Ewolv pack, you will find a pair of earphones, an adapter and a carrying pocket. That is all you will need to enjoy the experience of customization and to keep Ewolv protected at any time. With the premium pack, you will get a protection pocket too.

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